Things I Recommend

I love sharing things with people. I’ve come leaps and bounds from my kindergarten days when anyone who touched my favorite Cinderella dress-up costume landed themselves on the shit list. Here’s an ever-expanding collection – in no particular order – of the things I think you should bring into your lives.

  • Wireless earbuds. A lifesaver for those days when no cord can hold back your living room dance party.
  • Trader Joe’s Blondie Baking Mix
  • Hitting the beach at the crack of dawn when all of those weird little crabs are running around
  • Engraved whiskey glasses
  • Hiking the Blue Ridge parkway. Life-changing views.
  • One nice dinner in New York City where the price of alcohol = probably the price of rent but the food = bomb
  • BBC’s “The Blue Planet” documentary
  • Literally anything made by Urban Decay
  • Attending a college football game and totally buying into it – I’m talking jerseys, face paint, cheap beer, and all the hype
  • Speaking of beer, any sort of brewery tour where they give you the cute little glasses to sample beers you may or may not like…but you’ll feel cool doing it
  • T.J. Maxx
  • Keeping a memory jar. You fill a large jar with snippets of experiences written on paper and other assorted mementos, and then you open it and read your past year on NYE. You will both laugh and cry.
  • Hot yoga. Best sweat of your life.
  • Throw pillows. Yeah, they’re like $20 a pop, but they’re damn adorable.
  • Did I mention the wireless earbuds?
  • Picking one night a week to cook a meal you’ve been wanting to try
  • Carrying a 32 oz. water bottle with you everywhere you go. Yes, everywhere. Your body will thank you.
  • Willingly putting yourself in an uncomfortable position. For example, I volunteered to be the assistant coach of our middle school soccer team. Do I know anything about soccer? Am I at all prepared to be giving athletic direction to ANYONE? But I’m going to try my best to learn everything I need to help these kids enjoy themselves.
  • Traveling to see your favorite band or musician on tour
  • Mountains, in any shape or form
  • Buying personalized gifts on Etsy
  • Writing letters. The art is not dead, people! C’mon, you know you get excited when something comes in the mail that’s not bills or credit card inquiries.
  • Getting a pet, especially if you live alone. If you can manage the upkeep, that little fluff ball (or scaly buddy, or slimy friend) will bring you so many smiles, I just know it.
  • Soft throw blankets
  • People watching at the state fair
  • Making homemade pizzas exactly the way you want it. None of this .50 extra per topping bullshit. Load that mother with whatever you please.
  • While we’re on the topic of food, nothing beats a hot dog authentically roasted over a a campfire. If the skin isn’t a little burnt and crispy, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Stickers. Especially wearing them.
  • Shakespeare. This is my English teacher plug. Yeah, I get it, he’s wordy, and no one says, “thou” anymore. But his writing is incredibly intelligent, and makes great insights on how we as people experience life around us. Oh, and there’s a ton of dirty jokes. Who doesn’t love a good dirty joke?
  • Biking until your legs start screaming at you
  • Having a friend weekend where you all literally do and eat whatever. you. want. It’s super indulgent, and probably super slothy, given that my choice would be watching movies and reliving my glory days via pong and eating a bucket of fried chicken, but ultimately, it’s kind of rejuvenating.
  • Keeping in touch with people.So many people just move on with their lives, and before they know it, realize they’re alone, sad, and probably more bitchy than they were when they actually made brunch plans from time to time or promised to meet up for trivia. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, to some extent, you need people, and people who love you/make you feel good.
  • Telling those people you love that you love them, and frequently.
  • Three-wick candles
  • Vacuuming your car from time to time
  • Hand cream, especially if your hands get as dry and red as mine and you look like you just punched a wall. Although that’s one way to get people to fear you.

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