Get to Know Me

I’m twenty-six, female, and completely out of my element.

I like hiking, hot dogs, and hoopla.

Fascinated by: the sea, outer space, spandex, those candles with the rings inside of them.

To-do list: visit all National Parks west of the Mississippi, actually commit to the 23785 tattoo ideas bopping around in my head, stop biting my damn nails.

Favorite things: the moon, floral-print clothing, turning on the AC and snuggling under a million blankets, re-reading the Harry Potter series, the smell of campfire, all-you-can-eat sushi.

I’m not trendy, athletic, gluten-free, a yoga master, or one of those girls with a hundred Alex and Ani bracelets, but I love flannel and a glass of good whiskey and deep conversation and watching Planet Earth and screaming about all of the weird-looking animals that live in the ocean.

I’m very excited to meet you.

I hope we can be buds.